Rachel’s Warmup

From the Point of View of Rachel: how I warmed up to my brother

Tonight, was the big night for me. My brother and I, being the band dorks we are, were going to the band dinner and dance. I invited my boyfriend, Aaron. His older brother Lance (who is about Michael’s age) and Lance’s girlfriend Andrea were also going. Lance was going to drive Aaron, Andrea, and I. Michael was going with his friend Bella and he was going to driver her separately.

Aaron and I got to the Swan Lake and, at my request; we sat down with my brother and Bella. Lance and Andrea had the we’re young adults and we’re going to act mature and polite attitude. Aaron was starting to concern me when I started noticing the I have a girl and you don’t attitude. At first, for about an hour, things went great and I was enjoying being with Aaron.

I got up since I needed to use the restroom. Aaron got up and followed me. I explained, I’ll be right back. I’m just using the toilet.

He followed me still and something made me feel uneasy. I don’t know what it was, but a red flag was going off. I decided not to use the restroom. Aaron grabbed my breast and tried dragging me into the restroom.

I slapped him and ran looking for my brother. I was upset and wanted to leave immediately. I bumped into Michael and explained, I want to leave. Aaron assaulted me.

Lance heard me and demanded, I’m going to have a little talk with him. He should know better than hurting you! What did he do?

I started sobbing and explained, He grabbed my tit and tried to drag me into the bathroom! Turning to my brother, I asked, May we leave please?

Lance got all red-faced and explained, This is anger towards my brother for doing you wrong. I told him not to try to make any moves like that. I want him to be a man apologize to you, without being told to.

Bella said to Michael, Your sister’s needs are more important. Take her home. I’ll catch the 12-bus home.

I thanked Bella and Michael said, Let’s go home. Tell me whatever you want when we get in the car.

We walked to his car and he told me, Sit up front, please. This way it’s easier to tell me anything you want.

I sat up front and immediately hugged him as I started sobbing. He explained, Rachel, I’m willing to be with you and help you out. Whatever you want let me know.

My stomach started growling and I asked, Could we stop for something to eat?

He replied, Sure. We’ll stop at Burger Arch. I have a $20. Eat in or Drive Through?

I answered, Drive through. I’ll take a #1 Medium. Regular cola, no ice. He thanked me as I continued sobbing. I decided to open up somewhat by explaining, Aaron assaulted me. I want nothing to do with him. Red flags went off when I wouldn’t stop following me to the restroom. I’m glad I didn’t go in, because I don’t want to think about what would have happened.

By now, we got to the Burger Arch and pulled up to the menu board. Good evening, welcome to Burger Arch. Would you like to try a combo tonight?

Evening Allyson, it is Michael. I’m going to have a #3 medium. For my sis, a #1 medium. Both drinks will be regular cola no ice. We’ll gladly wait on fresh fries.

Michael knew Allyson because she was the one primarily responsible for training him. I got to know her a bit and she knew what I always ate. This night was no different. We pulled around to the window and my brother handed Ally the $20.

Rachel, what’s up? I’ve never seen you so upset, Ally asked.

Michael and I were at a dance and dinner when my boyfriend assaulted me. I’m dumping him. I don’t need someone who wants to hurt me!

I don’t blame you, Ally replied.

This is when I realized how badly I had to go. I wanted to hurry home (the dining room was open, but I wouldn’t let my brother leave my side).

I’m going to try and hurry, he said.

It wasn’t too long before we pulled into the driveway. He hurried up and got the door open and I rushed into the bathroom.

After doing my business, my brother and I sat down on the couch and had our dinner. I was quite happy to get something into my system. Thanks for caring about me. I didn’t know some boys could be like this, I sobbed.

My brother started hugging me and explained, Only the creep like Janette is dealing with. Most aren’t like that. I know I wouldn’t do something like that to you.

My brother hugging me felt quite soothing, so I requested, Don’t let go, please. This is comfortable.

I adjusted myself so that I could sit in his lap as he replied, I won’t let go Rachel. What’s up? Tell me anything you want.

I really started crying. Please don’t leave me alone tonight. Spend the night with me. Michael grasped me tighter and this made me feel much more comfortable.

He asked me, Are you asking me to be in your room tonight? I am more than willing to do almost anything to keep you comfortable.

Please, lie in bed with me. I need a big old’ teddy bear, I answered.

He answered, That’s fine Rachel. I’ll sleep at your side.

Thanks, I sobbed. I was starting to feel comfortable as I sat on my brother’s lap.

Let’s head upstairs. Just head straight for either room, I told him.

How about mine, He asked.

That’s fine. Let me put on a night shirt then I will join you. If your door is closed I will assume you are still getting dressed, and will wait for you to open it, I said as I entered my room. I quickly slipped into night clothes, and his door was already open and I let myself in.

This will be smaller than the sofa bed with Jess, but we will try to make it work, He said, inviting me to curl up with him.