Parents Fighting

Back to Michael’s POV. This is the next morning.

What is going on, I asked, hearing the screaming from outside, Just what the hell is all that noise? My sister woke up with a startle. She heard the screaming too and looked out the window with me. We heard fighting going on outside and looked out of my window.

Mom and Dad are fighting I think, Rachel said, worried. She was so young, and I took it upon myself to be her big brother and protector. She didn’t need to hear the fighting (nor did I), and I promised her that I would stay right at her side. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to be around them, My sister whimpered.

I don’t blame you in the slightest, I replied, putting my arm around her, I don’t want to either. I paused for a moment to decide what to do and decided I didn’t want either of us to leave the bedroom. True, we were both hungry, but I didn’t want to deal with either parent. Rachel was doing so well at Middle School in her 8th grade year, and I didn’t want her schooling affected as she was about to start high school. Shortly, we will be in high school together, and of course we can spend time together, I said trying to take our minds off the fighting. We can sit together on the bus, I suggested.

Sure, Rachel replied, pulling me into a squeeze hug.

We start band camp tomorrow. I can’t wait to go with you. I just wish we had a car, She whispered.