PDX Arrival

I came from the jet way and, just like last time, my Dad and sister were waiting for me. Again, Rachel pulled me into the biggest hug she could muster and said, I hope you enjoy it out here because I really could use the company. We’ve really missed you.

She then presented me with a ticket. Rose Arena – AWF Monday Night War! is what the ticket read. Rachel explained, Wrestling is coming to Portland tomorrow and you’re coming with me. She looked very excited and gave me the look which told me clearly that I better not say no to my little sister.

I put my arm around her and said, Of course I’m going with you.

She boasted, Dad was the 10th caller and won them on the radio the other week.

Dad added, Then I found out I had to work and couldn’t go. Cathy doesn’t watch Wrestling, and I haven’t watched it really since leaving Virginia.

We were dropped off at the apartment and Dad had to head straight back out to work. It’s going to be one of those you-and-me days today. Let me feed you lunch and it’s going to be just you and me for dinner also. Like before, I want to share my bed with you, Rachel explained.

We sat down on the sofa together after she fed me lunch and did not mind one bit as I used her breast as a pillow. She whispered, I remember from last time; I know this does comforts you.

We both need a shower, and we each need to be quick otherwise there won’t be enough hot water., Rachel said.

Alright, I said sleepily.

She finished her shower and came out of the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and night shorts, so when it was my turn for a shower, I took the hint and brought the same into the bathroom with me.

Rachel explained, Since we aren’t going anywhere today, just something simple. My sister then pulled me into a hug and whispered, I just missed you so, so much!

That’s when she saw a text message on her phone: Meet @ Lloyd?

Oh, that’s my best friend Noelle. I just want to spend today with you and since Wrestling is tomorrow, let me call her, Rachel said.

Thanks for the invite, but my brother just flew in from Virginia and I want to spend the day with him. You know I’m taking him to watch wrestling tomorrow. During the day, I’m going to show him MAX trains if you want to join before I take him to the Garden.

After Rachel got off the phone, she explained, Tomorrow during the day, I’m taking you to Portland to go ride the trains, then we’re going straight to the Garden Arena for AWF Wrestling. Today, however, I just want brother/sister time.

Yes, please. Brother/sister time, I replied, pulling her into a hug, I just want to be at your side.

As do I, She replied, clearly not wanting to let go. We sat there on the sofa, arms curled tightly around each other, and had no plans to get up. My sister was happy, and that is all that mattered to me.

As we just curled into each other’s arms, I asked her, How are you adjusting?

I hate being away from you and Jess, Rachel replied, The school is nice and everything, but it is not home. I want to come home!

I hate being apart myself, I said, Someday, the three of us need to get together.

Jess promised that we would be traveling up to Federal Way to spend a week with her, Rachel said.

When are we going up, I asked.

Next week. Jess wanted to give you some time to adjust to the West Coast time, Rachel replied, as she took my hand and adjusted it so that she was snuggled closer to me.

I don’t want to let go, I whispered.

I don’t want you to let go either, She replied. She paused a bit, then continued, Here’s the plan. Jessica is putting us on the train on Monday and will pick us up in Tacoma. There’s a bus that will take us to Federal Way where she lives. My sister and I sat there together, curled into each other’s arms, not needing to really say anything – we just wanted to be together.

It was getting kind of late (with my brain still operating on east coast time) and I asked, What are the sleeping arrangements?

Rachel giggled, You’re with me. I’ve hated being so far away from home, and I want you next to me tonight.

I’m ready for bed, I said, failing miserably to stifle a yawn.

Right, east coast time, Rachel replied as she locked the doors, The PJs we are in now sound good?

Works for me, I said, climbing into the bed and putting my arm around her, being careful not to touch her inappropriately.

Rachel let out a yawn and whispered, East Coast Time. It’s what? Almost midnight?

You’re tired too, I giggled.

I am, Rachel replied as we both started to overcome with sleep.

I looked at her, just lying there in her PJs. I decided to gently stroke her side. But for now, sleep was finally hitting me.