Day with Rachel

Jessica’s alarm clock buzzed, which got all three of us up. Jessica shut off her alarm, then pulled us into a hug. Your choice if you want to stay here or go exploring, She said.

I yawned, Could we go exploring tomorrow?

Sure. Rachel, how do you feel, Jessica asked.

Our little sister yawned and grunted. Yeah that train ride yesterday, and Michael getting used to being on the Left Coast. Let’s at least get up and see you out the door, She whispered.

We both hugged and kissed Jessica goodbye once she was dressed and we had our breakfast. Rachel closed and locked the front door, then asked, What did you have in mind for today?

First, I want to snuggle up with my baby sister.

Jessica got back home from work and asked, How was your day, you two?

It was nice not to hear excuses, Rachel said.

Yes, it was nice to have a sibling day with Rachel and not have to think about dad’s bullshit. Tomorrow, I would like to go exploring, since I feel rested up, I said.

Just remember that you both will need to be out until I get back, Jessica said.

We know. We were going to pack lunches before going to bed, Rachel replied.

You two will need to stay together. How about I give you something to do? Want to go to the aquarium in Seattle? I can see if I can buy tickets online for you, Jessica said.

Sure, it would be nice to have. You able to give us spending money for food, or should we pack lunches, I asked.

Come with me to WorldSoft and I will get you cash out of the ATM. I don’t think the aquarium would want you carrying around bag lunches. Now, how would you two like to go to the mall and get some dinner. I want you both to get new backpacks as well, Jessica said, looking at the backpacks we had which were in bad shape.

How are we getting there, I asked.

Rachel replied, Federal Way Mall is in walking distance.

I would like you two to take turns pushing me please, Jessica said as she got herself situated.

I will start. Maybe leaning on the wheelchair would help, I said.