Rachel Moves to Havelock

My fiancée got a job relocation assignment to North Carolina, Rachel explained my wife and me.

Rachel, are you sure you want to move? You remember what happened last time, I replied as I hugged her. You remember when Mom and Dad divorced.

This is different. This time, I’m not being dragged off. Besides, Havelock is only 4 hours away. It’s not like Washington, where I was on the opposite end of the country, She said. After pausing for a moment, she continued, How about you and Annabel come down for Christmas.

Annabel said, I’ll see if my mother will watch the kids. If Mom can, then yes Rachel, we will come down and visit you. He seemed the gentleman during Thanksgiving, I will say that.

I plan to take some online CCHR classes over the Spring, so that I can continue to study to be a teacher, Rachel said.

Ok, I replied, with a feeling of doubt in my voice. I started thinking about the darkest two years of my life. Tears started leaking from my eyes as the worst moment of my life started replaying in my mind.

Rowena looked up. Being only a toddler, she didn’t understand what was happening, but her smile turned into a frown when she noticed me starting to cry. She didn’t like to see daddy cry, and I did not like having a breakdown in front of my daughter like that.