Run, Run, Rachel!

From the point of view of Rachel, panicking as she found out that her brother was left for dead

I clocked out of work and saw that Kristin got my message. We needed to head to Renton and head to Renton immediately. It wasn’t too long of a wait before her bus showed up on time. It’s my brother. Jessica rescued him from the jaws of hell, and she is asking for both of us to come up there, I said to Kristin as we waited for the next 574 to take us to Federal Way.

When the two of them were on the bus yesterday, he was delighted to see me, but he had to hide it. That creep was so jealous that he was scared to say hello to his own sister’s roommate? I think he is going to be so happy to see you, after all, you are his favorite sister, Kristin said as the 574 started to make its move out of Lakewood. Once we were on the bus together, Kristin continued, Here, your backpack with overnight gear, including one of your long night shirts.

I was starting to get very worried, but grateful that he was at least with Jessica and not with that pig. The bus finally got onto Interstate 5, and it was hurting to sit there and having to wait for the bus to get me there.

The bus was rolling through Tac Dome, and I just wanted to be in Renton as soon as I reasonably could. The 574 took on more people as it made stops closer and closer to the airport, and I almost lost it as we pulled into Federal Way, and was grateful that we just made the 565 to take us to Renton.

Kristin was trying her hardest to comfort me as I was on the verge of losing it while riding the 565. The bus didn’t take too long to hop onto Interstate 405, and Kristin said, He is with Jessica right now. He is safe. Just keep reminding yourself that: he is no longer with that slob and your big sister is protecting him.