Rescue in Lakewood

4 AM came around — I had only about two hours of sleep (if that, since I struggled to fall asleep) — and we were woken up with, If you want to catch the bus, you need to get going now! As tired as I was, I took up the offer since I didn’t want to be cramped in the house all day, which was fa-regular from the nearest bus stop.

The #574 dropped us off and we both noticed my girlfriend’s aunt’s car waiting. One last thing I want to say to you: good bye and good riddens, Delores said angrily.

I don’t ever want to see you again, Her aunt demanded as she was being loaded into the car, Stay out of my life and stay away from my daughter and niece! And while you’re at it, go on and fuck your bitch of a sister! By the way, here’s your shit! They threw my suitcase at me as I looked on in horror. They then sped off towards Bridgeport Way and I collapsed onto a bench in tears. I was very depressed and not sure how to react. Everything happened split second fast and before I knew it, they were up by the light at Bridgeport Way.

Version 1

Michael calls Jessica in this version of the Rescue in Lakewood

I decided to call Jessica and I heard, WorldSoft, this is Jessica.

Jess, you’re going to kill me, I sobbed, I’m at Lakewood Mall and Delores was just picked up by her aunt. What bus do I take to get back to Overlake?

Jess said, No, I’m not going to kill you. Let me be honest: I was expecting this to happen. Bear with me: Rachel’s roommate Kristin is usually on the bus coming from school right now and is scheduled to be where you are in about ten minutes. Let me get her on three-way and try to arrange something.

I heard ringing, then a female voice picked up. You don’t usually call me Jessica. What’s up, She asked.

Hey Kristin. My brother was abandoned by that slob and is at Lakewood Mall and just got off the 574. I have him on three way, so he can hear us, Jess said.

Michael, Kristin asked.

Yeah, I responded nervously.

How are you feeling, Kristin asked.

Again, I was still nervous and Jessica said, It’s ok Michael. Kristin, could you take him to University Place since it’s much closer than WorldSoft?

Kristin said, Yeah, I can do that. Michael, are you hungry or anything? I can make you something quick like a sandwich.

I said, I could use a nap. Jess, please ask me when it’s just you and me and I don’t think I want to say it over the phone.

Kristin said, You can sleep on Rachel’s bed. I’m sure she won’t mind.

Jessica added, I’m sure she won’t. Kristin, where exactly are you?

Kristin said, I’m making the right into the Town Center now. Michael: I will be coming off the bus marked 214 Pierce College. Wait for me there. I should be coming around any moment.

I saw some buses start to pull in and sure enough, I saw the 214 pull up and open their doors. I was nervous as all the passengers stepped off the bus, since it was a long while since I last saw Kristin and mostly forgotten what she looked like.

I did, however, recognized her instantly when Kristin popped off of the bus and came over to me. How are you feeling, She asked as she gently put her arm around me comfortingly.

I took Kristin up on the comforting and started hugging her as I said, I feel just so bad right now.

She said, You have bus fare? We need that #2 to head to the apartment.

Version 2

Kristin stumbles into Michael in this version of the Rescue in Lakewood and takes him to see his baby sister

I sat there for a while not quite sure what to do. Several minutes passed and I watched as buses pulled in. I saw this girl heading my way. She called out, Michael?

I couldn’t believe my ears — I assumed there was another, but nope. She came over to me.

I realized that she was Rachel’s roommate, Kristin She sat next to me and said, What are you doing out in… She paused for a moment. What’s wrong, She asked when she noticed my sobbing.

Delores just left me. Her aunt picked her up and now, I have nowhere to go, I sobbed.

Would you like to see Rachel, Kristin asked.

Please, if you can arrange it. I don’t know what to do. I’m so frightened, I sobbed.

Kristin gently hugged me and said, Alright. We can head over to Spot right now. I going to take you to the Guest Services counter and have her paged. This way you can sit down on the bench. I thanked her.

We went into Spot and Kristin asked the lady at the counter, Could you have Rachel Ragsdale paged? Pointing towards me (I was still sobbing badly), Kristin continued, He’s her brother and is in a sticky situation.

I can do that, The lady said as she got on the walkie, Team Member Rachel?

I heard over the walkie, This is Rachel, can I help you find something? Even though it was distorted by the walkie-talkie, my spirits were really lifted hearing my sister’s voice.

Rachel, could you come to Guest Services immediately? Your brother is here and is very upset.

Rachel’s reply was, I’m on my way Let Michael know I’m coming from BGI.

A few minutes later, Rachel was power walking into Guest Services and went to the counter. Your brother needs you, The lady said.

Rachel looked over. Michael? What are you doing out in Washington? She then noticed I was crying. My sister sat next to me and hugged me tightly. What happened, She asked in a concerned voice.

Kristin started explaining, I think his girlfriend left him for dead. He’s stranded out here.

Rachel spoke to Kristin, My lunch is in 5 minutes.

Rachel ducked into the employee area to clock out, came back out, and we went over to the little cafe, It’s Deli Blvd, Rachel insisted when I was incorrect.

We entered and Rachel said, Hey Amanda. I’m treating for my brother and my roommate. Turkey and Cheese for all of us and a large soda each. My number is 52115466.

As we sat down, Rachel explained, I need to be back in 25 minutes. Kristin, do you mind keeping him company at our apartment?

Kristin said, I can do that.

Rachel asked me in a concerned voice, What happened? Please, take your time.

I latched onto my sister’s arms and just cried I couldn’t help myself since I was extremely upset over the situation.

Kristin said, Call Jessica Tell her what’s happening and see what she suggests.

Rachel put Jessica on speaker as we heard, WorldSoft, this is Jessica.

Kristin began explaining what happened to me and Jessica said, Kristin, since you’re off today, take Michael to U.P. and let him rest in the apartment I’ll be on the bus as planned tonight and will meet all of you at the Town Center.

Rachel looked at me and said, I don’t mind you being on my bed It’s the same you remember from Vancouver.

Rachel allowed me to hug her then she returned to work. Kristin asked, Do you have bus fare? I can let you use a bus ticket if needed.

Both Versions 1 and 2 Continue Here

I showed her my transfer slip and she said, It’s still good. The 2 is about a 15 minute ride or so.

Mother Nature seemed to reflect how I was feeling because it started raining as we approached the bus.

Great, I thought out loud, Rain… just what I needed.

We boarded the 2 and Kristin sat next to me. She happily comforted me and it wasn’t too long before Kristin was ringing the bell to get off the bus.

We have to cross the street – we can do it at the light, She explained. It continued raining as we made our way across the street to the apartment complex and not having a raincoat annoyed me.

We entered the apartment and Kristin explained, Rachel and I always take our shoes off, so please do so. She then showed me Rachel’s room. Put your things in Rachel’s room then I can make you a simple sandwich if you want. Your sister said you could rest on her bed if you wanted, She explained.

I thanked Kristin as I climbed on the bed. She started exiting the room to go make my sandwich, preparing to close the door behind her when I whimpered, Please don’t go.

She came back over to the bed and asked in a caring voice, What’s wrong?

She noticed I was trembling in fear and sat down next to me. It’s alright. I understand you’re upset. Please, let me be honest. I saw you two on the bus together yesterday and I didn’t like how she was treating you. I also still remember when you two came up for Jessica’s birthday the other year. Kristin started hugging me and continued, Tonight, we’re going to be with Jessica since we’re helping her move tomorrow.

I just wanted her to comfort me since I was still very upset. Kristin was very understanding and was more than willing to comfort me. I don’t mind comforting you, but given your situation, I don’t think Rachel or Jessica would let you get into a relationship this quickly. I’m willing to be friends with you.

I was still sobbing, I understand. Still, I feel so terrible about it.

I know you do, Kristin said, Give it time. When Jessica gets here tonight, we’ll figure out what to do.

Kristin rested at my side for a while then decided, Or better yet, let me call Cathy, your Dad’s girlfriend and see what she says about this mess.

Alright, I sobbed.

Kristin called Cathy and started explaining what happened, Yes, I think his girlfriend brought him out here. Alright, we can head out now. We’ll see you in about 15 minutes.

Kristin looked at me and said, Cathy will be over here in about 15 minutes. She’s going to figure out what’s best for you right now.

Kristin got me a washcloth to wash my face and it wasn’t too long before Cathy picked us up. I started explaining everything that was happening and Cathy said, You know what? First stop is the bank. Empty that account and shut it down. Apparently her family is rich. You need the money to get back on your feet. Also, spend the night with Rachel and help Jessica move tomorrow as planned. Jessica bought a house, and you should probably stay there for now. After we head to the bank, there’s His Majesty’s Burgers right down the street where we all can have lunch. I’ll then take you to see your Dad. Turning her attention to Kristin, she asked, What time does Rachel get off?

5 PM. I was going to meet Rachel and Jessica at the transit center then we were going to bus it to Renton to Jessica’s apartment, Kristin replied.

I’m going to drop you two off at the transit center around 4:45, Cathy suggested.

Kristin pulled out the bus schedule book and looked up Route 212 and replied, If it’s easier on the gas, drop us off at the Steilacoom Ferry Landing instead. The bus leaves there at 3:45.

Cathy said, Thanks. That will help out with gas.

We pulled into the bank parking lot and as planned, under Cathy’s supervision, I emptied the account and shut it down. Did you get quarters to pay for bus fare with, Cathy asked. I walked back to the counter and exchanged one of the $20 bills for a roll of quarters. Priority one was the three of us had lunch, then we went back to DuPont.

Look who’s out in Washington, Cathy said as we entered Dad’s office. It was wonderful seeing my Dad again and we chatted for a few until a customer showed up. Cathy then took us upstairs and started coming up with a plan.

I’ll take you two to Steilacoom around 3:30 so you can catch your bus. I think you should see what Jessica says since she would be the only one with room for you now, Cathy said to me. Turning her attention to Kristin, she asked, Everyone was going to spend the night with Jess?

Yeah. Her WorldSoft coworkers are coming with a couple of trucks bright and early — she wants to try to do everything in one swoop. Jess called and alerted Rachel and I to the situation after she caught the bus to work, Kristin started explaining, He was stumbling around Lakewood Town Center when I was pulling in to transfer to the bus to my apartment. Jess explained to me the disaster that was Kent and trust me: you don’t want to know.

Cathy decided to let Kristin and I watch a movie until it was time to head out. Kristin and I sat on the couch and she happily comforted me since I was still upset over the breakup. It was a comedy — Cathy must be able to read minds since this is exactly what I needed — and it was short and over by around 3:20. Once the movie was over, Cathy took Kristin and I to the bus stop at the Steilacoom Ferry Landing.

Kristin and I sat in the shelter until the 212 showed up. She explained to me, We’ll be there with about 45 minutes before Rachel is done work. You have your money, but lets wait until Jessica and Rachel are with us before we figure out what to do for dinner. She allowed me to hug her as we waited for Jessica to show up.

The 574 showed up and sure enough Jessica was coming off the bus. Michael, She called out when she saw Kristin and I. My older sister wheeled over quickly and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Kristin made it clear that she was only willing to be friends with me. Jess said, I can’t believe you were with someone like that. She hugged me tightly again and said, When Rachel gets off in a few minutes, we’ll grab the bus to Federal Way and have dinner there. Then, we’ll grab the bus to Renton and start moving tomorrow. I’m pretty much packed up and ready to go.

We started making our way to Spot to prepare for Rachel getting off for the day. Rachel was walking out the door as Jessica, Kristin, and I were walking up. I hugged my little sister real tightly as Jess said, We’re going to catch the 574 to Federal Way and have dinner there. We’ll then catch the bus to Renton and head straight to my place. We’ll figure out sleeping arrangements when we get to Renton. Jess looked at me and said, I’m going to cover the difference for your fare. It’s only $1 and it’ll be no problem.

Rachel suggested, Do you think we should head to the transit store and get him a pass?

Jessica figured, Why not. What time are they open until?

The open sign was still lit when we walked over. I pulled out my TWT Persons with Disabilities ID just in case. When Jessica saw it, she said to Rachel, If we can get him a Reduced Fare Permit, I’m going to pay for a $2.00 pass so he can ride anything at no additional charge. I’ll pay for his permit if they let him get one.

Sure enough, they were more than willing since I had an ID from another transit agency. Jessica explained, This pass will let you ride anything: local bus, express bus, or the train at no additional charge.

We arrived back at the transit center and Jessica grumbled. Damn it, Jess moaned.

Rachel and Kristin knew exactly what was wrong and had glum looks on their faces. Not knowing what was up I asked, What’s wrong?

Rachel explained, This bus takes 10 minutes to load Jess. The stairs are narrow and you might need the lift as well. The damn wheelchair lift is a pain in the ass on these things.

Jessica led me over to the stairs at the bus front door and I realized, I’m going to need the lift too.

I will help you up the stairs, Rachel said.

An alarm on the bus started blaring and the driver exited. Jess said, The three of us are going to Federal Way.

I thanked my sis by hugging her; then we got on the bus. As usual, Jessica was strapped into the Wheelchair area. Kristin fully respected that I needed to be next to my two sisters so she sat in the row behind us. Rachel started hugging me tightly and said, I really missed you. It’s just, I’m not too thrilled with the way you came out here — I know it isn’t your fault, but it’s just so upsetting.

I know, I said. I started getting a bit upset again and just hugged my little sister very tightly. It seemed like a long bus ride when we finally arrived in Federal Way for dinner. We just missed the 565 as Jessica planned so we had an hour to get dinner.

There’s an Arch’s Burgers about a block away, Jessica said, My treat for everyone.

We made it into the Arch’s and it felt good to get something into my system — especially a good sized drink.