Night of Hell (Extra Graphic Version)

TW: Rape

The three of us got upstairs and Brandi asked, So, what’s your sex life like?

I felt it was very inappropriate but was too tired to say anything other than a distasteful moan. We don’t do too much, Delores said.

Would you like me to teach you some things, Brandi asked her cousin.

What did you have in mind, Delores asked.

Want me to show you what I can do, Brandi asked in reply.

OK, Delores said, as the two of them started to get undressed.

Brandi came over to me fully nude and started touching me down there as she said, I’m going to make your eyeballs pop out. She sniggered as she started pulling my clothes off, If you love my cousin, you’ll pay attention to everything I do.

I grunted in response, being half asleep. Not only was it around 11:15 to 11:30, but my brain was still operating on East Coast time, so it felt more like 2:15 to 2:30 in the morning. I just wanted to sleep, but Captain Ding Dong suddenly realized I was naked in a room with two naked and very horny women and the little brain every guy possesses down there took over control of my body. Even though my primary brain was screaming at me to go to bed, that other brain overruled all commands it issued.

I had at least some concious thought as Brandi stood over me, forcing her vagina to be in my view for a moment before she sat down on top of me. You are going to love this, She snickered with a laugh that made me thing that something bad was about to happen. I didn’t have time to think as I found my stiff member touching the tip of my girlfriend’s cousin’s slit. There was no pleasure in this as I disappeared into her. She began bouncing up and down harder than I could ever imagine, and the pain of her slamming down onto my waist was unimaginable. I yelped in pain, and Brandi responded by slapping me saying, You’re going to enjoy this!

I found out just how painful fingernails could be when I did not answer to the enjoyment that Brandi was expecting. This was no longer pleasure and I wanted out. I was half asleep and knew that I was nowhere near a bus stop. Even then, it was late at night and buses probably were not running. I held in the crying that I knew was coming, because I was afraid at how they would react. Brandi kept going harder and harder and suddenly I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Eruption time as Brandi grabbed hard, her nails digging into my chest in what felt like it was just before the point of causing bleeding. Clean him up and you can have your turn, Brandi giggled, suddenly turning back into someone who just enjoyed pleasure (but what felt like pain to me).

I didn’t want Delores to have a go because I was so tired, but I didn’t have a choice. We’ve never gone all the way. Now’s the time, Delores growled, just as seemingly angry as Brandi. I was not looking forward to this. It felt like I had no choice as round two was commencing. Delores took me all the way just as Brandi did, and I knew I wanted to get out. I wasn’t sure if sleep would happen, but I made up what little thoughts I had left which was that I wanted my sisters. I wanted out of this. I was scared, but still too tired to think much more. Brandi took back over for a third round. This time, my member had nothing left to give, and I just wanted everything to stop.

As Brandi continued to violate me, I started having two thoughts go through my head: one, that it was 99% Brandi doing the action, as Delores only had a quick go, and two, that if I got out of this mess, I was going to take Jessica up on her offer to get out. I snapped back to reality as Brandi slapped me and yelled, Why haven’t cum yet, fucking useless whore? I had no intention of answering, since I didn’t know how or what to answer with.

My mind felt like a blank from there…