Making the Townhouse Ours

Morning rolled around, so we then got up, showered again – since Rachel did want to help with my dandruff issue, and got dressed. Rachel pulled up the bank account and as promised by Jessica, there was $300 waiting for us. We knew we had to spend wisely as this was to hold us until Rachel’s Spot check kicked in. In a week from Monday, she was going to start work at the Spot behind CCHR, a short walk down Buckner from where we lived, after being transferred from the Lakewood Spot, giving us a week or so to get situated.

What would you like for breakfast, Rachel asked.

I offered her a hug, asking, Is there anything?

My sister replied, No. I was thinking that we could walk over to Spot, have something in their café, and do some shopping. Would you like to do that?

Mom should be picking us up after lunch to go shopping, I started.

How about this: let’s walk over there to get something in our system now and get a few things to hold us until mom comes with the car, My sister suggested.

Yeah, that works. Only, feel free to see if mom is awake, I replied. I looked at the time and remembered, Oh, right. Time zone: mom should be awake. Let’s explore the townhouse.

I made my way back upstairs and headed into the other bedroom and sure enough: there were plenty of games waiting for us.

I came back downstairs and asked Rachel, Want to play Ape Country in Team Mode?

Yeah, sure, Rachel said, As long as I get to be the little fellow. We both chuckled since Chimp was our favorite character. Ape, the main character, wasn’t as much fun. We sat on the couch together and my sis sat on my lap wanting me to hug her tightly.

We happily played the game together until it was time for lunch. The plan was that mom was going to take us somewhere while on the road then we would go shopping. Rachel knew just how much I didn’t like shopping – she always had to pick something for me since my feelings were if it fits, I’ll wear.

We got back home after about a couple of hours and I just wanted to rest. We plopped on our bed. You really don’t like shopping, do you, Rachel said.

Rachel had me gently rest my head on her boob as she took me into her arms. I miss Jess, She sniffled.

I miss Jess too, I said. There really wasn’t anything to do today since we were waiting for tomorrow to roll around where there would be bus service.

We got dressed around 5:30 since we were both hungry for dinner. Just like breakfast, Rachel supervised me making our favorite: Mac & Cheese. I decided to have a little fun by throwing in diced up hot dogs. This is worth it, Rachel said happily.

Thanks. I’m glad you like it, I said.

What would you like to do tomorrow, My sister asked.

I know we need to head out and get our 30-Day Passes. You wanted to look at getting a CDL to drive these things, Rachel said. She started chuckling, I can see this now: ‘they let you drive a bus now!?!’

I had to laugh right along with it. We’ll be on the early bus. As soon as we get up, we’ll take a shower and catch a bus. Food will be on the go. I want to try and catch as many of our old friends as possible, I said. I explained, After you left, I made many friends with the bus drivers. They’ll be surprised to see me out of that chair.

My sister giggled at that remark as she started washing our dishes (I made dinner, so she’s cleaning up). We then decided to head up for the night. Let’s just curl up in bed together, She suggested.

You and me time, I said.

Exactly, She replied as we stripped into our birthday suits again and curled into bed together. We were both quite happy to be simply hugging each other, and that abusive jerk had no clue where this townhouse was – and we intended to keep it that way. Like in Washington, that old bat is not allowed in here. She hurt you, and I hated seeing you like that, Rachel continued.

Good, I replied, I want that bitch out of my life. A tear started forming in my eye.

To take my mind off it, Rachel changed subjects by saying, Tomorrow will be a bus ride day.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the bus, I said.

She replied, I am too, but home by 6:45?!?!

I asked, So what do you want to do, long term?

You know, I haven’t really thought about that. That’s when the Classic Rock radio station kicked in with a song, we both recognized about school. Thinking about it for a moment, Rachel continued, Maybe I could be a teacher.

How about tomorrow we head to CCHR and plan out some classes for the Fall, I suggested.

As long as we can go for a bus ride, Rachel replied.

Of course, we can go for a bus ride, I said, looking forward to being back on TWT buses. We both yawned and refused to stop hugging each other. We were glad to be home; me especially since I was dragged out on the worst of circumstances. It was going to be a long night, since I just wanted to take my sister out for a day exploring the region.