Thanksgiving Evening

No, it’s fine. We want to get up and go Black Friday shopping, and don’t want to wake you. I just want something that’s wheelchair accessible, Jessica explained, We will catch a cab. We’ll be fine. We want a day with our brother, just as much as you probably want a day with your family.

The cab arrived and Jessica was adamant. You will enjoy Black Friday with us. Delores was visibly upset as Jessica continued, You’ll see us off at the airport on Saturday then head home.

Once we were loaded into the taxi, the driver confirmed with Jessica, Airport Twin Trees at Military and Northampton in Norfolk, correct?

Yes, that’s right, Jessica said as Rachel started comforting me. I had a tear in my eye at the thought of leaving Delores the way I did.

We don’t like how she was treating you, Rachel said, letting me hold her hand. We feel like she was disrespecting us just as much as she was disrespecting you.

Disrespecting me, I asked.

Yes. Snapping at you. Her choice of dress, or lack thereof, while cooking while guests were over, Jessica responded as our cabbie got on the highway, As your sisters, it’s our job to worry about you.

It wasn’t too long before we arrived at the hotel. Our cab driver helped to unload our things, and Jessica paid with a generous tip. We entered the hotel and Jessica checked us in, and I was very nervous. This is my first time away from her since we moved in together, I said.

You’re with us, don’t worry, Rachel said as Jessica began the check in process at the hotel.

It took me a second to process that we were in the nicer of the two hotels on the corner, and I just went wide eyed as I took in the lobby. You both did this for me, I asked as I realized just how nice a place we were staying was.

Yes, we did. We wanted family time with you, Rachel replied as Jessica finished with the front desk.

One room key, I asked.

Yes, the three of us are staying together, Jessica replied as she wheeled to the elevator. We entered the room and, after setting things down, both of my sisters pulled me into as big a squeeze hug as they could. Jessica said, We are your sisters, and we love you. We are just worried about you, that’s all. We want to let you enjoy Black Friday with us tomorrow and see us off at the airport on Saturday.

It dawned on me that there was a single bed, and a sofa. Who is sleeping where, I asked.

You are sharing this bed with us. We knew you didn’t want to sleep alone, even with us in the same room. Please, cuddle up with us like old times, Rachel said. She started undressing herself and said, Let’s all get proper showers now that we have an accessible bathroom for Jess.

I was startled by seeing that my younger sister was in the nude, even though it’s what we always did as kinds when helping Jessica. Tear started leaking from my eyes as Rachel whispered, Sit down. Cuddle up with me. Lie on my boob like you used to do. Let me comfort you. We will shower when you’re not sad.

I was surprised that my little sister was willing to snuggle up with me like the old days, and I was also grateful. Jessica transferred from her wheelchair to the bed to join in the cuddling and added, Snuggle with both of us. We will shower once you are calm. I started feeling overwhelmed at the thought that both of my sisters wanted to hug me instead of yell at me. Tears began to leak from my eyes and Jessica knew to tighten her grip as she said, We promise we are right here.

Rachel added, I don’t care that I’m naked. I want to calm you down first. She also tightened her grip and didn’t care that my tears were flowing onto her breast, as she happily continued to let me use her breast as a pillow.

A few minutes later my tears subsided, and Jessica said, Let’s get undressed and take a shower. This time don’t feel pressured to be quick. I helped Jessica get undressed then wheeled her into the bathroom, with an already undressed Rachel following close behind. Well this is much better than that apartment in Churchland, Jessica said.

Once this shower is done, it should be time to watch the Turkey Brawl, Rachel said happily.

The shower was over, and both of my sisters did not get dressed, which surprised me. We decided that we want to have our defenses down. You are our brother, and we trust you, Jessica explained while Rachel turned on the TV right as the AWF intro video began. This was nice: both were on either side of me, holding me while the show was starting.

When the Turkey Brawl was over, Rachel turned off the TV and said, We should get some sleep. Yes, we are going to stay nude, and no we don’t have a problem with it. Here, you need to be cuddled with, and you have two sisters who are more than happy to cuddle up with you.

Rachel slept on one side of me and Jessica was on the other side. Both sisters were more than happy to snuggle up with me as I struggled to fall asleep. Delores is going to be mad at me, I whimpered.

Why, Rachel asked.

Because I didn’t bring her along, I replied.

She can live without you for a day. You’ll be back home Saturday, Jessica assured me, Besides, she probably wants alone time with her family just as we want alone time with you.

We should get some sleep. Alarm is at 4 and a cab is scheduled for 4:30 AM. Mall opens at 5 and we want to be there for it, Rachel said.

We’ve never, ever been apart since we got started, I whimpered.

She will live for a day or two, Rachel snorted. In a much calmer voice, she said, We want to spend time with our brother. She then pulled me into a hug and added, We both missed you.