Black Friday with Sisters

The next thing I knew was the alarm clock blaring at 4 in the morning. Good morning sleepyhead, Jessica said with a gentle kiss on the cheek. I then found myself being hugged by both of my sisters.

We have a cab to catch at 4:30, Rachel said as she sat up.

Mall opens at 5 and we don’t want to be late, Jessica added. Both got dressed, and I followed suit. Have a bite to eat. I’m not sure if the food court will be open or not.

The taxi dropped us off in Downtown Norfolk and there was already a line to get in. The mall would open in 5 minutes apparently, so we got ourselves in the line after Jessica paid our cab driver. The coffee shop was open when they let us in, and Jessica offered to get us something to eat and a drink. Now, let’s see the sales, Rachel said when we finished eating.

As both of my sisters anticipated (but I did not), the mall was packed to the gills with people. We need to get something for everyone, Jessica said, looking at the list in her small notebook. We stuck together and made our way to one of the department stores where we went to the lady’s coat aisle. My two sisters found what they were looking for and we made our way to one of the big lines to pay. This is one heck of a line, Jessica said, and it went the usual slow for Black Friday.

How are we going to take care of all of this? That is a lot of stuff to haul around, I said.

I seem to remember there being a post office not too fa-regular from this mall, Jessica said, Then I want to get on the bus and head to Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. I want to see the malls that we grew up with.