Christmas with Sisters

My plane touched down in SeaTac, Washington, and I quickly made my way to the exit from the secured area. Both of my sisters were waiting right by the exit, and I quickly pulled both of them into hugs.

Do we need to go to baggage claim, Jessica asked.

Yes, Delores snapped, almost in anger.

No need to be rude about it. We didn’t have to invite you, Rachel said.

You’re right. We shouldn’t start off on the wrong foot, Delores said. Jessica raised an eyebrow, noting the lack of apology. We took the elevator to the lower level and grabbed our bags off of the belt. This way to the buses, Jessica said, Whatever shows up first: the 174, 194, or 574 will all take us to Federal Way, with a preference to the 194 marked 320th Park & Ride.

Return to Virginia

I pulled my two sisters into one last hug before it was time to go through Airport Security, and Delores snipped, You need to stop messing with other women.

They are my sisters. No different than when you want to be with your brother, I hissed, deciding to offer them another hug, just because I could.

You know, Delores, don’t come back, Snapped an angry Jessica, You are no longer welcome in my apartment.

Like I ever want to come back to your place with all your silly rules, Delores snapped.

We need to catch our flight, I said in an attempt to smooth things over.

Jessica grabbed my hand and, in a much more polite tone, said, You are our brother, and you will always be welcome. Next time though, Delores is not invited, and if we come to visit you, we are staying in a hotel and you can meet us there.