Annabel’s Comforting Return

Hey guy! Remember me, Came a most unwelcome female voice. I spun around and sure enough: I was looking at a surprisingly distressed Annabel. You were right about my ex, She started to say.

I felt like talking to Annabel was against my better judgement, but on the other hand it was nice to have female company again. At first, I thought she was creating crocodile tears, but they looked like the real thing. Could we go somewhere a little more private, Annabel asked. Again, I felt like this was a bad idea.

I need to go home, I said half-heartedly. I was trying to come up with some excuse to get away, but Annabel figured out quickly that I wasn’t thinking straight.

I promise I just want to talk, Annabel said as she activated a door to a building nearby. I decided that I might as well listen as I realized she was taking me into a small apartment. You were right about my ex-boyfriend. He was a loser who cheated on me and beat me. I have this small apartment now and it’s just me. He doesn’t know where I’m at; I cut off all communication with him.

The more she spoke, the more uncomfortable I got. My mind kept playing multiple scenarios: either she was being honest, she wanted to get laid like back in high school, or this was a setup to get that boyfriend to beat me to a bloody pulp. Either way, I did not trust her. I wanted to go home and curl up with Jessica and Rachel, who were both on the West Coast. I promise I mean no harm, Annabel said as she sensed how uncomfortable I was. I want to put the past in the past and start over, She added, to try to calm me down. It wasn’t working I wanted my two sisters. I remember you were this nervous back in school, and I want to help you get over this nervousness, Annabel continued, oblivious to the fact that it was because I didn’t trust her more than anything.

This doesn’t feel right, I whimpered, blushing very much.

Don’t be nervous around me, Annabel replied. It felt more like a command than a comforting suggestion. She caught on and said in a much different tone of voice, I’m sorry. I mean it as you don’t need to be nervous around me. We went to school together and everything. Annabel saw the look on my face and asked, If I may ask, what is troubling you?

I do admit that it was nice to have some company again since I missed my sisters. This was a different Annabel than I remembered: she no longer seemed the immature girl I remembered, but I kept my guard up. My sisters are on the west coast and my girlfriend broke up with me, I managed to say with a tear in my eye. Part of me wanted to trust Annabel because it was nice to have company.

Did you love her, Annabel asked.

Yeah, I said nervously. Annabel gave a look like she knew something wasn’t quite right. We had a big fight yesterday, and I didn’t sleep last night after she walked out, I said.

I’ll keep you company for as long as you need to get your life back in order. I remember when you were in school and seemed upset to not have someone. I’m offering to simply be a trusted friend that you can spend time with, Annabel said in a very understanding voice.

Thank you, I said. She patted the sofa she was sitting on, inviting me to sit at her side. She made promises. Promises that she didn’t keep.

Like what, Annabel asked, offering to comfort me.

Remembering the kinds of things Annabel did back in high school, I said, We didn’t go all the way. I started tearing up as I told Annabel how Delores smacked me then first time that we were supposed to do it. I found myself completely opening to her and was surprised that I found myself comfortable telling her how my life was since leaving high school.

I remember when we talked about doing it back in high school. So, you’ve never gotten to get that far, Annabel asked. She put her arm around me and continued, Would you be interested?

In, I asked, wondering what Annabel had in mind. I was unsure if I wanted to hear it or not.

I’m offering to let you do things with me. I’m offering to let you cash in promises she broke, Annabel replied, And yes, I do mean whatever you want. I had a quizzical look. Part of me hoped she really meant going the distance, but I didn’t want to push my luck. Truthfully, I was just grateful to have someone who was willing to be at my side. I was surprised at how comfortable I was growing with her arm simply around me. She saw the longing in my eyes and seemed to be able to read what I wasn’t sure I wanted to say out loud. Would you like to see me naked, She asked, trying to sound like something of that magnitude was of no big deal.

I blushed through my tears and Annabel said, I could see it in your eyes: you want to have sex, but you’re still hurting. Here’s what I’ll do: number one, please stop me at any time. She started pulling her shirt off slowly, so I had ample chance to communicate No. For starters, I don’t mind you looking and touching.

When Annabel’s shirt was off, I whimpered, This is as fa-regular as we got.

I only took my shirt off, Annabel replied, I haven’t even shown you my boobies yet.

I know. This is when she smacked me, I replied.

Do you need me to stop, Annabel asked in a very serious voice, determined to show me that she wanted to respect my needs.

How comfortable are you, I asked.

Honestly? Annabel paused for a moment to think then decided to say, I’m willing to have sex with you right now if you really want. No strings attached: I’m on birth control, and I won’t tell the whole world. I nodded in agreement and Annabel finished taking her clothes off. You’ve never seen a naked woman before, have you.

No, I replied, deciding on the spot that she didn’t need to know that I would often assist my older sister with life tasks.

Here’s your chance to see what I look like, and I don’t mind you touching my naughty bits either, Annabel replied. It’s ok, She whispered as I nervously placed a finger on her nipple, I promise I won’t bite you.

Wow, Was all I could say.

Did you enjoy fucking me, Annabel asked.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to grin or if I was still upset. I think being upset won out as I looked at the time. I probably should go home, I said, I’m not looking forward to being alone.

I’ll take you home. I’m being very serious when I ask if you’d like for me to spend the night with you, Annabel said.

My place is smaller than yours, I said.

That’s fine, but you look like you’re not ready to be on your own. I’m willing to make it work if you are, Annabel said. She looked into my eyes and said, You look so afraid. You didn’t get any sleep last night, and if I have to spend the night with you so you get a proper night sleep, so be it.

You really mean it, I asked as Annabel started wiping me off down there.

I mean it. I’ll climb into bed with you tonight if you need that kind of comfort. Here, let me finish clearing you off, Annabel said. She paused for a moment and asked, You want something to eat? Drive thru somewhere maybe?

We arrived at my place after stopping at a fast-food drive through, and Annabel noticed just how messy it was. She was hurting you, wasn’t she, Annabel asked in a concerned voice. She saw the ‘I’ve given up’ look in my eyes and immediately got on her phone. I was afraid as to what she would say, but it turned out she was calling a company that specialized in cleaning. Get whatever you think you’d want for spending the night. Tomorrow, you have an appointment. Tonight, you can stay with me, Annabel said as I started to cry. Don’t cry. Do you want to call your sisters when we get back to my place?

Annabel was true to her word and set up a three-way call so that I could have both Jessica and Rachel on the line. Delores broke up with me, I sobbed when both of my sisters were on the line.

What happened, Rachel asked.

The other night we got into a big fight. Said things. I’m scared, I cried.

Jessica said, I know you loved her, but she was hurting you. It breaks my heart to hear you cry, but it’s probably for the best. You probably wish we were there?

I have someone from high school at my side. Don’t know if you two remember Annabel who was in my Freshman English class and Junior year Oceanography class? I paused for a moment to take a breath and continued, I’m at her apartment. She’s right here if you both want to talk to her.

Jessica was the first to respond, Annabel, I think I remember you. I hate to be honest, but I remember my brother’s Freshman year and I do remember you and what you wanted from him.

I’m guilty, and I will not try to sweet talk my way out of it. I know I can’t prove over the phone to either of you that I’m no longer that person, and you both have every right to mistrust me.

Thank you for being up front with me, Jessica said.

You’re welcome, Annabel replied, Your brother’s apartment: when I brought him home, I found the place trashed. I told him to pack some overnight clothes and tomorrow I’ve set up an appointment to get it cleaned. His ex-girlfriend really left the place a mess.

She just got up and walked out, I sobbed.

I’m going to help him get back on his feet as best as I can, Annabel said.

How trashed was it, Rachel asked.

It was bad. It was as if it hasn’t been cleaned in ages, Annabel replied, I’ve made an appointment with a company that specializes in cleaning and I’m paying for it. I want him back on his feet at an apartment he can feel comfortable inviting guests over to.

I looked at the time and whimpered, I didn’t get any sleep last night. I don’t feel good.

Annabel, please take care of him. He’s hurting. Maybe it’s best if we call it a night so he can get some sleep, Rachel said.

That’s probably a good idea, Jessica added.

We closed the conversation and Annabel said, You look like hell. You need sleep, and I made a promise to both of your sisters. Tonight, I want you to spend the night with me.

This sofa, I asked.

Annabel took a good look into my longing eyes and said, No. The look on your face says it all: you’d like to climb into bed with someone – you don’t really care who as long as that someone is a girl that you trust – and you just want to fall asleep cuddled up completely nude with her when she is also completely nude. I do not mind being that girl who sleeps in bed naked with you. You just want to keep the same routine you had with your ex: you want to share the bed with someone, but now you wish to go further. I promise I won’t hurt you.

I woke up the next morning and found myself feeling good. Annabel was having a go bouncing on top of me when she realized I was awake. Liking this, She asked. I nodded in agreement, still feeling a bit unsure of myself but at the same time enjoying this feeling and she continued having sex with me until my balls exploded. Promise you I’m on birth control, She whispered as she sat there on top of me, just letting me enjoy the feeling of penetration. Am I your first, Annabel asked.

I whimpered, I loved her.

I’m sure you did, but the state of your apartment. She didn’t love you in return, Annabel replied, climbing off me and cleaning me down there. Here is what’s going to happen: we both need showers. I don’t really want us smelling like we just had sex, and I’ll feed you breakfast. The cleaners will be at your place mid-morning then I don’t mind doing something nice with you.

Annabel prepared cereal for the two of us after we showered off and we made our way back to my apartment. Not even five minutes later, the cleaning crew arrived. Annabel apparently hired a professional company as she explained the state of the apartment while I unlocked the door.

The smell was extremely overpowering, having gotten used to Annabel’s apartment that didn’t smell bad. She walked off leaving her things behind, I explained.

She might want them back. I don’t want you to become that person so we will sort her things in case she does come by, Annabel said as the crew began to get to work.

The apartment looked amazing after a couple of hours. There was a lot of junk, and it just needed to be thrown away. Where is your laundry room, Annabel asked, having gathered all of my clothes, I just want to wash everything.

There is a laundromat across the street, I replied.

That works. All your clothes need to be refreshed, Annabel replied. She saw the tears coming down my face, pulled me into a hug, and said, Don’t cry. This is part of getting your life back together.

I was overwhelmed at just how clean the apartment looked and just couldn’t contain myself. I’ll spend some time with you until you feel like your life is back together, Annabel said, I don’t mind sharing the bed with you.

I pulled Annabel into a hug as the magnitude of what she was doing was dawning on me. She was no longer the immature sex-crazed teenaged girl, but now a mature young adult. Sure, we had sex just now, but this time it was out of love, trust, and friendship instead of bragging rights or satisfying an immature hormonal rage. We sat there on the sofa and it felt nice to have someone simply picking up the pieces of my broken life. I want my two sisters, I started to cry, and Annabel did what Annabel seems to be doing best these past few hours: comfort me.

Do you want to call them again, Annabel asked.

No. They’re at work, I replied, sobbing.

It’s ok. I’ll comfort you. Let’s call them when they are done work, She suggested, letting me curl up in her arms sobbing. She didn’t care that I got her shirt wet or anything, so it seemed. She paused to think for a moment. Would you like to do something nice? It could be like a pretend date or something, Annabel suggested.

I decided to open up to Annabel as I said, My two sisters brought me to Washington State to visit them for Christmas, and they didn’t invite her. She assumed I was hiding something from her.

You were visiting your family, Annabel said, not grasping the sheer magnitude of what was going on, nor understanding just what kind of person Delores was.