The Teenaged Years

Michael and Jessica are now teenagers, and wqith this growing pains comes new adventures and new challenges.

Welcome to High School

Chatting In Living Room
The three siblings are chatting in the living room

Michael is now in high school and Jessica has one year to guide him

In the Company of Big Sister Special Afternoon with Jessica Jessica’s Accident Big Family Christmas

Jessica’s Accident

It’s Thanksgiving, and Jessica has a serious accident

Thanksgiving Dinner Hanging Christmas Lights Jessica in the Hospital Jessica Home from the Hospital Jessica Returns to School

Cracks in the Status Quo

Jessica is now living in Seattle, having been awarded a full ride scholarship, and now Michael and Rachel have to contend with the sticky situation of the parents bitterly divorcing.

Seeds of a Divorce

Dad and Rachel
Dad tries to explain to Rachel what is happening

Rachel is the first to notice the rumblings of parental arguments, and her older brother tries to shelter her from the worst of it.

Rachel’s Warmup Fighting Parents Rachel’s First Band Camp

The Parental Divorce

Michael and Rachel
The siblings are realizing that life is about to change for the worst

The family that the two siblings knew all their young lives was over. The parents were splitting up and each parent wanted custody of a sibling (or both). Let’s see how this plays out.

Rachel’s Fury Goodbye Rachel Rachel’s New Apartment Rachel Goes West Clark County Thanksgiving

Starting a New Life

Jessica’s New Life

Jessica is on track to graduate with one last semester to go, but first she wants to set her siblings’ affairs in order. WorldSoft has already picked her up for employment as part of her scholarship.

A King County Christmas Jessica’s Graduation

A Clark County Summer

Michael gets to spend an entire summer between his junior and senior year with his sister in Washington

PDX Arrival


Michael finds himself a girlfriend. What new adventures await?

Winter Mess

Michael’s new girlfriend has some rather odd quirks

The Big Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Evening Black Friday with Sisters Christmas with Sisters

Breakup with Delores

Maybe this new girlfriend thing wasn't such a good idea?

Annabel’s Comforting Return Date with Annabel

Getting Back with Delores

Shall we try again?

Christmas in Rhode Island

The End of Hell

The nightmare is coming to a close, at long last. Can Jessica and Rachel help their brother recover?

Washington State

Jessica’s Reunion Off to Pierce County Jessica’s Train Ride WorldSoft Reunion Night of Hell Morning Hell

A Dark Secret

Michael’s Nightmare Morning Wakeup Exploring Seattle Lunch in the Tukwila Rainforest Freddy’s Renton A Dark Secret… Revealed! WorldSoft Employees Credit Union Comfort in Renton

A New Beginnig

Public Market / 550 Bellevue–NE 10th Night of Comfort Afternoon in University Place 12/21 Date with Kristin WorldSoft Christmas Dinner Situating Jessica Christmas in Bellevue

Living with Jessica

New Year, New Life Snohomish County Moving to Bellevue