Document Accessibility Example

The Challenge: Taking an image of a table that had no layout structure and converting it to screen reader accessible text

The Result: A table was contructed in a way that persons of all abilities would be able to parse and understand the context of the data.

Hampton Roads Transit put out these tables of ending times for bus service when heavy snow was expected for its service area. This is in a format that is inaccessible to those with impairments that make reading text on images difficult or impossible. After the images, I hand–converted them to something that is accessible to people of all abilities.

This is meant to be a demonstration of my skills at making documents accessible.

Southside Bus Ending Times (in an Inaccessible Format)
Bus Service Ending Times on the Southside in a difficult to read image of a table
Peninsula Bus Ending Times (in an Inaccessible Format)
Bus Service Ending Times on the Peninsula in a difficult to read image of a table

Were you struggling to read the two images that HRT posted? I have put together this table in a format that is accessible to everyone.

Errors in Southside Bus Service Table

The times were copied exactly from the original images, including any possible errors. If this was being done in a live production environment, I would’ve asked what the correct times were, as well as why one route was omitted from the list.

What I think are the corrections that need to be made are below

  • 2 Hampton Blvd: Last trip from Navy Exchange Mall should be 6:25 PM
  • 8 Tidewater Dr: Last trip from Evelyn T. Butts Ave should be 6:48 PM
  • 13 Campostella Rd: Last trip from Summit Pointe should be 6:28 PM
  • 44 Turnpike Rd: Last trip from Downtown Norfolk Transit Center should probably be listed as 6:00 PM
  • 50 Greenwood Dr: Route is missing in original document. Since it ends in the 6:00 PM hour, it will run normal schedule anyway

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Bug in Chromium & Webkit Browsers?

It has come to my attention that there may be a bug in browsers that use the Chromium and/or Webkit engines, which for whatever reason will make two scroll bars appear on the Project page. I can verify that I'm seeing this in Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Safari on iOS (which by extension means any iOS browser due to Apple’s rules). This does not appear to affect Firefox and any Gecko based browsers.

With that out of the way, may I present my Winter Weather Alert page.