Before Contacting Me

  • I live in Norfolk, Virginia and I am not open to relocation or working on site. I will accept remote work open to Virginia residents only.
  • I am a Web and Desktop Developer and have made available a list of skills, sample work (and you are welcome to right click and select View Source on any page), as well as my résumé. Watermarked PHP documents (including my Navigation PHP Class) are available upon request.
  • I will accept Full Time offers only. Please do not contact me for any form of work where I need to do a 1099 or Schedule C, among other self-employed/contract IRS forms. I have neither the time, money, energy, or patience to set up my own business or to figure out taxes on my own.
  • Salary Expectations: What are you offering? Let’s discuss.
  • No assesments if you are not going to pay me for my time. Let me ask you this: can I have your product/service for free? What makes you think you can have my services at no charge? If you have questions on what I can do, please review my sample work or simply right click any page on this portfolio and select View Source.
  • I am a U.S. Citizen and will not need sponsorship or an H-1B visa
  • I possess a Public Trust Background Check and I am willing and able to upgrade this to a higher level if the company wishes to sponsor the background check
  • I am fully vaccinated & received the Booster.
  • If these do not answer your questions, please feel free to Contact Me. Please note that I only accept traditional Full Time positions only.

Professional References

Professional References are requested to determine if your company is a good fit for me. Seems only fair if you are asking for professional references from me.